Many presidential candidates support coal-to-liquid fuel

American news outlets are certainly full of updates from the voting in New Hampshire today, where the second first presidential primary in the 2008 U.S. election is taking place (UPDATE courtesy of J Jones: Iowa had a caucus, not a primary). Out in Vancouver, British Columbia, Silverado Green Fuel thought that today would be a good time to remind everyone about where the candidates stand on coal-to-liquid fuel (CTL). The company has released a collection of pro-CTL quotes from four presidential candidates (Barrack Obama, Mike Huckabee, Hillary Clinton, Mitt Romney) and Democratic Senator Jay Rockefeller. You can find those quotes in full after the jump.
It's not just some of the leading candidates for president who like CTL. The 2007 Energy Bill that passed in December includes $2.2 billion in tax incentives for clean coal technology applications, something that Silverado's President and CEO Garry Anselmo says means Silverado "is in the right place, and at the right time. [...] Silverado Green Fuel uses low rank coal. America has centuries of domestic supply of low rank coal, an underutilized energy resource." American politicians might be in favor, but China has had second thoughts about CTL.

[Source: Silverado Green Fuel Inc.]

Obama, Huckabee, Clinton, Rockefeller and Romney Support Coal-to-Liquid Fuel

VANCOUVER, Jan. 8 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ -- Silverado Green Fuel Inc. (Subsidiary of Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. - Trading Symbols, OTC BB - SLGLF, FRANKFURT - SLGL) : - Silverado Green Fuel Inc. is at the forefront of one of the U.S.'s highest priorities in domestic energy supply and security, namely coal-to-liquid fuel.

"The endorsement from most Presidential candidates and key U.S. political figures, and the recent (Dec/07) U.S. Energy Bill's $2.2 billion in tax incentives for clean coal technology applications are sure signs that Silverado is in the right place, and at the right time," states Garry Anselmo, Silverado's President and CEO. "Silverado Green Fuel uses low rank coal. America has centuries of domestic supply of low rank coal, an underutilized energy resource." The company has a proven process to produce green fuel, equivalent to crude oil, but commercially created without any CO(2) or harmful environmental emissions in the production process. "And at less than one fifth the cost of crude oil," he adds.

"Achieving energy independence and significantly reducing greenhouse gas emissions are two of the greatest challenges America faces. With the right technological innovations, coal has the potential to be a cleaner burning, domestic alternative to imported oil"......" "Moving forward, I believe we should invest in coal-to-liquid fuels..." "...we must invest in clean coal technologies that we can use at home and share with the world." - Barrack Obama

"We have to explore, we have to conserve, and we have to pursue all avenues of alternative energy: nuclear, wind, solar, hydrogen, clean coal...." "We need to develop an environmentally friendly use of coal."...."Coal - to - liquid fuel can be a major industry." - Mike Huckabee

"We will accelerate the production of advanced coal technology. Coal currently provides 50% of our electricity in America, but it comes at a high price in greenhouse gases and other pollutants. We need to accelerate the development and deployment of technology that can safely capture and store carbon dioxide emissions." - Hillary R. Clinton

".....I consider coal-to-liquid a "clean" technology."...."part of my national energy plan would include federal funding for technology to convert coal into liquid fuel." "We will invest as a nation in new sources of energy, including clean coal." - Mitt Romney

"The overwhelming support of the Senate sends a clear message. Coal conversion is a technology worth investing in." - Jay Rockefeller

A Silverado Green Fuel production facility can be established anywhere in the world where there is a supply of low rank coal, combined with a need for environmentally friendly and reasonably low cost, readily available energy. Silverado Green Fuel Inc. is a world leader in low rank coal-to-liquid fuel technology. Plans are underway for a $26 million Demonstration Plant in a joint venture with the State of Mississippi.

Silverado Green Fuel is commercially produced without releasing any harmful emissions into the air. Initial production costs are estimated at under US$15 per barrel, on an oil equivalent energy basis, compared to current $90 - $100/barrel crude oil prices.

Green Fuel can be used to power oil-fired power plants directly, or be used as a feedstock for further processing to produce transportation fuels (jet, diesel, gasoline), key agricultural compounds (fertilizers, synthetic petrochemical feedstocks, urea), industrial products (oils, lubricants, synthetics) and even consumer products (plastics, packaging, etc.). Silverado Green Fuel can also be further processed to produce pure, clean hydrogen to power fuel cell automobiles and electrical generation (power) plants.

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Silverado Green Fuel Inc. is a wholly owned subsidiary of its publicly traded parent, Silverado Gold Mines Ltd. Silverado is an international company focused on Gold exploration, and a new environmentally friendly Fuel Technology. Silverado has gold properties located throughout Alaska which include the 100% owned Nolan Placer Gold Mine. Trading Symbols, OTC BB - SLGLF, FRANKFURT - SLGL

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