Blow it up! Bigger pic of 2009 Chevy Camaro in every color

click to enlarge and view the Camaro prototype in various colors

While we were grateful that Bob Lutz ordered the removal of camouflage from all of the Camaro prototypes running around in view of the public, the teaser image that GM provided was a bit too eency weency for our tastes. TheGMSource, however, found a larger version, or artfully blew up the small one, that shows a lot more detail. We can see the faux vents ahead of the rear wheels, as well as the surfacing of the Camaro's rear with its faux diffuser (at least we think it's faux). Whoa, this thing's got a lot of faux parts, but don't expect it to be a poser on arrival. Chevy is no doubt infusing the Camaro with enough mechanical fortitude to hang with the Ford Mustang and Dodge Challenger from day one.

TheGMSource also followed up with questions for Scott Settlemire, a member of the Camaro team at Chevy. His words are not unexpected when he says that the Camaro is about 65% production ready, and what you see in spy photos, even the one supplied by GM, does not mean you're looking at the car that will end up on dealer lots. His reference to the Camaro prototype's horrible headlamps is hilarious, and he was careful to point out that the interior shot does not necessarily show the final dash design, either.

Oh, and just for fun, we played with the larger pic in Photoshop and changed the prototype's boring white into all the various official colors that we expect will be offered on the production model. We're not very good at Photoshop, so if any pros want to try, let us know the results by emailing them to abresearch at gmail dot com.

Thanks to forum member Rampant, there are now some colorized Camaro images in the gallery that are actually good!

[Source: TheGMSource]
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