In what color would you like your 2009 Chevy Camaro?

Thanks to an eagle-eyed painter at an unspecified dealership in these great United States, we now have a list of colors in which you can order a 2009 Chevy Camaro when the time comes. Keep in mind that production colors for the Camaro have not been officially announced by Chevy, so while these appear to be from an OK source that has no reason to lie to us, you never know. Plus, while the eight colors above and the two below for which we couldn't find samples may be offered, there could be more than what we're seeing here, as well. Conspicuously absent from this list are any shades of green or white, for instance. That said, we have ten colors here, and the 2008 Ford Mustang is only offered in 10 colors (warning: PDF link), as well. Ford does offer the Mustang in Performance White, however, but the only green Mustang you can get is the Bullitt.

No samples (could be new colors for 2009)
  • Switchblade Silver Metallic
  • Aqua Blue Metallic
Thanks for the tip, Chris!

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