VIDEO: Honda's Rose Parade float leaves Pasadena speechless

Honda's Rose Parade floats have always been ambitious. Just witness the fire-breathing dragons from 2007. As we reported earlier, this year Honda decided to pimp out its own product by creating a larger-than-life Ridgeline truck entirely from organic material per the rules of the Tournament of Roses parade. This was no ordinary Ridgeline, however, as were told it would transform into a flying spaceship piloted by Honda's own robot ambassador and future oppressor of man, Asimo. We have to admit that even we were impressed with the float when it idled by in between the stands of silenced parade goers. You'll see in the videos after the jump that those present were eerily quiet as Honda's Passport to the Future float transformed into a flying space ship and then shot some fire from its afterburners. Listen closely and you'll even hear that trademark Transformers sound. You can also check out the official parade footage, complete with voiceover from two very annoying announcers, by clicking here.

[Source: YouTube, Jalopnik]

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