Quattro Valvole watch by Meccaniche Veloci

Automotive timepieces keep getting closer to the cars they're inspired by in terms of design, mechanics and price. The latest to cross our radar screen is the Quattro Valvole by Italian watchmaker Meccaniche Veloci.

If the model name sounds familiar, you're thinking back to the circa-1984 Ferrari 308 GTB/GTS Quattrovalvole, which incorporated the Italian name for the four-valve cylinder heads that the Maranello-based automaker pioneered. Meccaniche Veloci, literally "mechanical speed", recalls the still-prevalent technology with its wristwatch that features four distinct faces for tracking time in four different time zones, each with its own Swiss mechanical movement, all enclosed with titanium fixtures in a billet aluminum casing made in the same process as competition-spec pistons.

The Quattro Valvole watch is available in a wide assortment of color combinations, none of which are available without your dipping into Junior's college fund: its asking price is $5,500.

[Source: Meccaniche Veloci via Racer magazine]

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