XR-3 three-wheeled hybrid can be yours for $170, materials and lots of elbow grease

Here's an update for all of you who read AutoblogGreen with grease-covered hands: the plans for the XR-3, the hybrid (or PHEV) kit car from Robert Q. Riley, are now available. For just $170, you could receive:

15 or more D-size (24 x 36 inch) drawing sheets and a construction/technical manual of approximately 120-150 pages with approximately 150 photos and illustrations.
The XR-3 Deluxe Plans Package is priced at $200. The Deluxe version includes everything from the Standard version plus a CD-ROM and DVD. The CD-ROM will include electronic 2D CAD files (SolidWorks e-Drawing files and dxf files), 3D models in SolidWorks e-Drawing formats, links to free viewers, and a construction manual set up to run in a web browser with click-to-enlarge color photos, video clips, iges files for CNC machining, and more. The DVD will have 1 to 1-1/2 hours of video of the vehicle being built.

Sound like fun? You can get a better idea of what could be in your future by seeing (on Windows only) how the Front Wheel and Knuckle Assembly model comes together. The XR-3, as you can see above and in the gallery below, is a three-wheeled vehicle. Riley's website says the builder has great flexibility in choosing the powertrain, but the prototype's front wheels are powered by an ICE while the one back wheel is electric. According to Riley:

Proper phase-in between the two power systems is handled by a simple throttle mechanism, and a dash-mounted switch to select between ICE power, electric power, and dual power modes. In the dual power mode, the XR-3 will have lots of burst power for outstanding acceleration. If you were to use this acceleration potential to its fullest, fuel economy would be reduced to something on the order of 150 mpg over a 70 mile trip. Fuel economy will vary according the particular components chosen for the power system, and how heavy you are on the throttle pedal.

Think you've got what it takes to build-your-own? There's nothing to stop you now.
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[Source: XR-3 Hybrid website via Jalopnik]

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