SciAm names X Prize Foundation the "Policy Leader of the Year"

While hyper-efficient automobiles are not the only thing that the X Prize Foundation is focused on, the Foundation's Automotive X Prize has garnered a fair share of posts here on AutoblogGreen. For the Foundation's broader mission (missions is perhaps the better word), the Board of Editors of Scientific American magazine named it to the sixth annual Scientific American 50, specifically the Policy Leader of the Year. According to an email sent out by the X Prize staff:
This award, which appears in the January 2008 Issue of Scientific American, honors 50 individuals, teams, companies and other organizations whose accomplishments in research, business or policymaking during 2006-2007 demonstrate outstanding technological leadership.

The 100-mpg Automotive X Prize gets but a line in SciAm's write-up about the Foundation's place in the 50, but you can keep an eye on AutoblogGreen for details as the contest moves along. For a look at a bit of Automotive X Prize history, click on the banner below:

[Source: X Prize Foundation]

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