Spied HUMMER H2T actually a diesel?

At least one person has lamented the lack of diesel options for the H2 SUT. In case that's you, PickupTruck.Com speculates that the coming H2T (the new name for the H2 SUT, to bring it in line with H3T naming) could be offered with a diesel. The clue is in the big-bore tailpipe seen in the spy shots, which could indicate the use of a 'venturi-effect' tailpipe. It's the kind of setup GM uses on its Silverado and Sierra HDs to keep the oil burners from spewing black smoke.
PickupTruck also wonders if this is the first truck we'll see with GM's 4.5-liter light-duty diesel. Sure, it's all guesswork right now, but we're betting GM would make more than one person happy by offering diesels in its revamped H2 line -- especially if, as some people are saying, it's going to get even larger in its next iteration.

[Source: PickupTruck.Com]

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