Spy Shots: HUMMER H2 SUT, or is it?

Well looky, looky. KGP Photography has caught a lengthened HUMMER H2 SUT out testing in full military apparel, complete with a white star! Looking something out of a G.I. Joe play set, this tester has got a lot of extra inches added behind the B-pillar creating a bed much longer the standard H2 SUT. So what's going on here? Glenn Paulina from KGB surmises that this HUMMER H2 SUT may be riding on the GMT900 platform that's also used by the Suburban and the General's half-ton pickups. The current H2 SUT rides on an older GMT820 platform, according to Winding Road. This suggests that the H2 SUT may be maturing into a bonafide truck of trucks, with the intent of further distinguishing itself from the upcoming H3T. If this is true, it's also possible that HUMMER could be considering a lengthened version of the HUMMER H2 SUV itself, creating a kind of Suburban HUMMER. With the H1 officially gone, there's certainly no chance of cannibalizing your own sales, though that doesn't address the question of whether consumers want an even bigger HUMMER SUV or truck at the moment.
[Source: The Car Connection, Winding Road]

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