Porsche pushes back Cayenne hybrid delivery date to at least 2010

Porsche representatives were pro-hybrid at the recent LA Auto Show, promoting the message that the company's hybrids will go 75 MPH on battery power alone. The news since then has been a little more tepid. Today, Automotive News (subs req'd) is saying that Porsche's skepticism about hybrid sales means that the release of the Cayenne hybrid has been pushed back to 2010. One Porsche manager told ANE's partner Automobilwoche that "Though there is still no decision on the planned introduction date of the hybrid version of our Cayenne SUV, I'm sure we'll only introduce the new system with the start of the next SUV generation in 2010." The possibility that Porsche hybrids in the U.S. is "also apparently smaller than initially thought," ANE writer Henning Krogh says, so all of you waiting for a hybrid Panamera can keep on waiting until 2011 (at least).

[Source: Henning Krogh / Automotive News Europe]

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