Upcoming Porsche Panamera: the world's fastest hybrid?

We've been all over the news of Porsche's upcoming hybrid models, which most insiders expect to include the Cayenne SUV and the upcoming Panamera sedan and the possible GT coupe which would be based on the same underpinnings. The Porsche hybrid system lodges an electric motor offering over 35 additional horsepower and a good deal extra torque between the engine and the transmission. The added power from the motor will go through the same exact driveline that the internal combustion engine's does, which is different than most other hybrid systems. This article from Gizmag indicates that the Panamera hybrid will likely be the world's fastest hybrid, for whatever that is worth. One wonders, though, if the top speed will decrease as the battery drains, or if the system will be designed to provide adequate power to the motor under those circumstances. I would hope that it would not, actually, because the power used to spin the electric motor would be better used to move the vehicle after losses are considered. Oh well, I guess we'll see when it shows up.

Once again, news of the Porsche hybrid systems brings up the question of whether it is a good use of money and technology to use hybrid systems for their added performance potential. On one hand, the answer could be no - isn't it a better use of the limited number of batteries and the assorted components of a hybrid on vehicles that will be driven more and use less petroleum in the process? The other side responds that Porsche demands performance no matter the cost, which also is true. Oh well, perhaps the more hybrids there are, the less they will cost in the end.

[Source: Gizmag]

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