Porsche Cayenne Hybrid delayed until at least 2010

Porsche came out swinging at the LA Auto Show with a Cayenne Hybrid it said could do 75 MPH on battery power alone. Now the carmaker isn't sure it wants to fight that fight any more. Speaking of hybrid market share, Porsche's head of distribution said, "The most optimistic forecast still only calls for a market share of 5 percent." And in that case, Porsche feels it might not be worth it to bring out a Cayenne Hybrid until the introduction of the next generation in 2010.

They would then use that model as the litmus test for other hybrids. The Panamera might get a hybrid variant in 2011 -- two years after its introduction -- or it might not happen until 2013. In fact, since Porsche still has no firm date set for getting a hybrid to market, all of these dates could be pushed back indefinitely. Contrast that with Audi, which wants to introduce a hybrid Q7 by the end of 2008.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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