Sure, there've been times when diesel gets attacked here on AutoblogGreen, but in general, we're pretty keen on the high-mileage power of the gasoline alternative (see this review of the BMW 535d, for example) while we wait for something better and cleaner. For Nathan Burchfiel over at the "free enterprise" Business & Media Institute, diesel is just an opening to attack Hollywood for its "hypocrisy."

I'm not that familiar with BMI, but whenever I hear someone talking about "free enterprise," I feel the need to get my sodium levels checked. I need to take whatever they say with such a large dose of salt it's not even funny. Why do people insist, in 2007, that "free enterprise" is possible, much less desired? I'll just make the most basic point that no one at BMI could get to work without government-funded roads, roads without which all their economic models would fall into the public sewer system. Anyway, here's how the shallow see Vectrix's attempt at creating greener transportation with an booth at the Hollywood Goes Green conference:

...Vectrix Corporation (SEA:VCX) was displaying its electric scooter. [...] The scooter costs nearly $12,000. Salesperson Tansy Brook said the comparable gasoline scooter would be about $4,000 cheaper, but said that maintenance costs would make up the difference over the life of the scooter. [...] The Vectrix scooter, Brook said, will travel about 40-60 miles on one charge. A full charge takes about 3 hours on a standard electrical outlet. But you might be surprised at how the "green" scooter on display got to the hotel. In typical Hollywood "do as I say, not as I do" style, it arrived in a diesel truck adorned with ads for the "zero-emissions" scooter.

Just one question, BMI: how should Vectrix have transported the scooter to the show?

[Source: Business and Media Institute, h/t to Domenick]

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