Vectrix home delivery will bring the all-electric scooter to where you live (in CA)

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When AutoblogGreen reported on the new $11,000+ Vectrix Scooter from the Santa Monica Alt Car Expo, people rightly whet "whew" when they saw the price (a quick side note, as a freelance writer for the past 17+ years, I doubt I have ever written three "whe" words in a row. OK, that's quite geeky enough, I'd say). But, what do you get for your money? For $11,850 you not only get what Vectrix calls "this year's hottest form of transportation," you get it delivered at your house (in the state of California, anyway). Just watch the video above and congratulate Vectrix for entering the same realm as furniture delivery people. One difference between a couch and this scooter: the couch doesn't stay plugged in during the ride and arrive at your home ready to go 0-50 in under seven seconds.

For more on the Vectrix Scooter and Vectrix in general, check out the links below or read the email announcing this delivery service (with pics) after the jump.

[Source: Vectrix]
The Vectrix ZEV: Delivering Luxury at Home

It is this year's hottest form of transportation. A scooter that goes from 0-50 in 6.8 seconds, the Vectrix ZEV has taken design and performance to a new level. This completely green, luxurious, fully electric vehicle isn't available yet at any Los Angeles dealerships, but Vectrix will deliver one right to your home.

And once you've driven one, you won't want to send it back.

The Vectrix ZEV is the only fully electric, completely green, freeway legal vehicle currently available in the United States. The scooter features innovative DaART technology that allows for regenerative braking and acceleration with the ease of twisting the throttle. Another unprecedented convenience: you can charge the battery using any 110 volt plug, with a charge time of only three hours and a distance of up to 60 miles. For safety, Vectrix has also added top-of-the-line Brembo brakes, and for style, a variation of vibrant colors including red, green, silver and blue.

It is the sleekest, smartest ride on the road.

Vectrix takes presentation very seriously. Even the company's delivery trucks are stylish! Each truck safely transports your scooter in a secure upright position, where it remains plugged in and charged until it arrives at your door. This means your Vectrix ZEV will arrive ready to go -- in all of its fully branded, silver-studded glory and with your own Vectrix expert on board ready to answer all of your questions.

The Vectrix's A+ service does not end with delivery. After you have enjoyed the pleasures of purchasing your scooter, your Vectrix expert will come back to perform routine service appointments. Each scooter comes with a service plan that includes your Vectrix expert coming to your home, plugging your scooter into their laptops, and doing a full diagnostic. This provides not only the ultimate in service luxury and convenience, but also insures that your scooter will be at peak performance 100% of the time.

For those of you who prefer the better life, the solution is the Vectrix ZEV. Vectrix scooters are now available at British Motor Cars in San Francisco and throughout the state of California by home delivery. A Santa Monica location is opening soon. The Vectrix will also be available on-site at both the San Mateo and Long Beach Cycle World International Motorcycle Shows. Stay tuned for upcoming celebrity endorsements and events. For more information please go to . The Vectrix ZEV retails for $11,850.

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