Santa fires Rudolph, switches to BMW 1-series

After centuries of counting on eight reindeer (unless there is fog), it appears as though Santa Claus has instead opted for the internal combustion engine. To traverse the sometimes tight airways around metropolitan areas, good ol' Saint Nick decided the nimble nature of the BMW 1-Series was best-fitted to do the job.

The boys and girls of team Bimmer have decided that the best way to sell the 1-Series on their home turf during the holiday season is to involve the biggest commercial icon of Christmas. As you can see above, Santa is haulin' ... presents, and the smallest four-wheeler from the Bavarian Motor Werks is leading the way. St. Nick is going so fast, all the vowels have left the billboard. If this doesn't keep awake the children of Hamburg, we don't know what will. Imagine trying to sleep when every car that drives by makes you think Santa is pulling into your driveway. Heck, we're sure there are a lot of parents hoping to get the little BMW coupe for Christmas, too.

[Source: AutoblogGreen]

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