2008 BMW 1-Series are special, receive engraved start-stop buttons

Europeans have been privy to luxury small cars for decades, but since gasoline has always been much cheaper here in the States, we've been stuck with mostly unathletic luxury barges. Three dollar per gallon gasoline is changing that paradigm quickly, and smaller high-end vehicles are finally hitting our shores. Perhaps the most highly anticipated one is the BMW 1-Series, with its well-known brand pedigree and the same engines found in the 3-Series.

BMW is pulling out all the stops to ensure that the 1-Series coupe and cabriolet are successful in the US, and the marketing push reaches all the way to the stop-start button. To commemorate the beginning of the 1-Series, BMW is engraving each and every stop-start button with "Year One of the 1". The phrase pretty much says it all, and enthusiasts waiting in line for the spry little Bimmer are probably already committed to buying the smallest RWD vehicle in America with or without the special message. We're looking forward to taking a 135i out on public roads, and we'll let you know if we actually notice the forgetful little phrase embedded into the overplayed stop-start button.

[Source: CarScoop]

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