Is this the 2009 Dodge Ram?

UPDATE: This is the real thing. See here.

A word of caution: We have no info other than the photo itself, which certainly appears to be the real deal and has been posted at For all we know, it's a 'chop, but let's assume for the sake of discussion that it isn't. If this is indeed the 2009 Ram, then Chrysler should soon find itself very much in the thick of the truck-segment mix. Of course, in the battle to win truck buyers, it's the tech specs that ultimately get people to commit. We don't know what those'll be yet, but in terms of appearance, this is a grown-up and classy evolution of the Ram nameplate.

The most important visual element, the grille, ensures that it is instantly identifiable as Dodge's full-size truck. Gone are the round-bottomed headlights in favor of the wraparound\parallelogram-shaped units shown. They're simple and fit the rest of the look. The truck pictured is obviously a higher trim level, as indicated by the polished wheels and two-tone paint scheme. Speaking for myself, it's easily as good-looking as the current GMC Sierra and Ford F-150, the two best-looking full-size trucks. 2008 is going to be a very interesting year in the segment as both Ford and Dodge bring their latest, greatest, best and brightest to the market and into battle against the year-old offerings from GM and Toyota.

If this is the new Ram, we're looking forward to seeing more of it.

Thanks to Gary for the tip!

[Source: DodgeTalk]

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