CONFIRMED: 2009 Dodge Ram pic is the real thing

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Seriously, you've got to love the source of this particular leak. A commenter let us know that the photo we've been speculating about all day is, in fact, posted on the Mopar Accessories site for the 2008 Dodge Ram. Somewhere, a webmaster is going to get an earful, because the truck posted is no '08. As several commenters also pointed out, if you study the bed-side closely you'll see that there's a door for some sort of storage compartment there. We also have it from an impeccable source that the '09 Ram has rear coils, 4 trailing links, and a panhard rod. Looks like the '09 Ram is gonna be full of surprises and good stuff. And now you have confirmation that this is the real deal.

Thanks to commenter GDG for the heads-up.

[Source: Mopar Accessories]

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