TriRod Motorcycles introduces the new F3 Adrenaline Trike

We've covered the rapid rise of the three-wheeled motorcycle surge which has been taking place lately with the Can Am Spyder, the Piaggio MP3 and more. Still, we've yet to see anything quite like the F3 Adrenaline from TriRod Motorcycles. This machine uses the 2+1 format which is inherently more stable than the 1+2 arrangement employed by many other trikes on the market. Additionally, the machine uses a familiar 120 cubic inch Harley-Davidson-style V-Twin powerplant from JIMS- pretty much the small block Chevy of bike engines - so aftermarket support will be huge. With the wide rear tire and low ground clearance, the Adrenaline looks pretty wicked.

The F3 Adrenaline uses carbon fiber body panels, unequal length A-Arm front suspension with rocker-arm activated shocks and power steering, making it fairly advanced for a Harley-based custom. The whole package weighs just 750 pounds, which is lighter than many Harley tourers. Performance should be exhilarating to say the least. Look for shipping models halfway through '08.

[Source: TriRod Motorcycles via Motorcycle-USA]

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