EVS23: meet ATEV, the all-electric ATV from EVS (ABG video)

One of the benefits of an electric motor powering an ATV, says Ken Stasiek, the national sales manager of Electric Vehicle Systems (EVS), is that you can sneak up on wild game easier. That's a benefit to hunters. Police forces, too, can benefit from the silence because it allows for easier radio communication, even when driving. I spoke with Stasiek at EVS23 this past week, and he gave AutoblogGreen a rundown on his company's new ATEV 28 (All-Terrain Electric Vehicle). The vehicles were released just last week.

While there might be a lot of benefits to an electric ATV, the engineers were not able to offer all the goodies they had hoped for. The ATEV 28 has a 35 mph top speed and a maximum range of 25 miles on a flat surface. These numbers don't meet the goals the company had set for the ATV (42 mph top speed and a 30 mile range, numbers that are still advertised on the company's website), but there's still a lot to like about this battery-powered ATV.

Check out my video interview with Stasiek and see the ATEV in action after the break.

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