I watched the last six hours of the House of Representatives debate on the energy bill yesterday and recorded significant references to CAFE, fuel efficiency, transportation, etc. and whittled it down to five minutes because hey, I know you're busy. The video above includes Dingell being praised twice for his work on CAFE by Republicans that opposed the rest of the bill. I think that the industry support for the CAFE portion came from the work done by Dingell even though Detroit did not get everything that they wanted. In the video, Pelosi said this bill could be a part of someone's legacy and I think that was directed at Dingell. Anyway, here are the list of stars and a summary of their lines in the video above:
  • Doc Hastings (R) says that giving tax breaks for riding your bike to work won't solve global warming.
  • Jay Inslee (D) has a giant poster of the Volt.
  • John Hall (D) gives us some hyper milling tips.
  • Llloyd Doggett (D) is a Paul Simon fan.
  • James Oberstar (D) says the bill will authorize a center for global warming in the Department of Transportation.
  • John Shimkus (R) actually has an ICE (internal combustion engine) because he is tired of carrying a half of a horse.
  • Rahm Emanuel (D) says the bill will save you $1,000 a year.
  • Joe Barton (R) says only eight cars get more than 35 MPG.
  • John Boehner (R) says consumers are going to pay for this.
  • Nancy Pelosi (D) ends it all with a smile.
Over the last week, we have told you about the compromise, the debate and the vote on the Energy Bill in the House of Representatives. The bill is now on its way to the Senate and is almost certainly doomed because it's facing a filibuster in the Senate and if it survives that, there are repeated threats of veto by the president. Rep. Lee Terry, of Hill-Terry, did a 30 minute interview with CSPAN and even he said the energy bill is "dead on arrival" in the Senate, at least in its current form. We should know the results of the bill in the Senate soon. So, stay tuned.

[Source: C-SPAN]

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