In September, I wrote Dingell would kill CAFE. Earlier today, I wrote he played a part in delaying a vote on the energy bill in the House. However, a rebel alliance has pushed the vote through, and it should happen later today. We'll have more updates the vote occurs. Until then, I thought this was a must see; the video above is the great John Dingell himself admitting defeat and saying he will vote for the energy bill. So, did he lose? No, the bill is dead.

Huh? In the video above, John says the White House showed no interest. No interest? They threatened to veto it Monday and repeated the threat to veto it again today, again citing Dingell's problem with the CAFE portion of the bill. That's lack of interest? Why would Dingell doublespeak like that? John did the same thing, as you can see in the old video below the fold, when he proposed the gas tax which everyone knew he did not really support.

The energy bill needs friends and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi should have just given Dingell a delay, dropped three MPG from CAFE and all of her problems would have gone away. Along with the veto threat from the president, there is a fillibuster threat when the bill goes to the Senate. What will we see in the vote tonight? Will the bill pass? Will the CAFE standard in the bill be lowered? Stay tuned.

[Source: CSPAN]

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