Spy shots: Audi TT-S

The first generation TT offered two choices: coupe and convertible. And while that technically counts as two different versions, an enthusiast who actually plans on driving the car knows that that's really just one choice of car. Audi has loosed the variation machine on this second generation TT, however, doubling the possible selections, with coupe and convertible joined by TT-S and TT-RS flavors.

The TT-S is next on the catwalk, and shots have surfaced showing off the grille and goods, mainly in the form of a more brutish face boasting a serious chin spoiler, quad pipes out the rear, and the inclusion of LEDs under the headlamps. The 2-seater will get a 270-hp heart, with 258 lb-ft ready to churn. It will hold the road with -- and hopefully turn in better because of -- a stiffer suspension.

The RS-badged TT is claimed to get a 5-cylinder turbo with 308 horsepower. Make no mistake, we are card carrying fans of souped up Audi. But the TT 3.2 quattro with S-tronic has a base MSRP of $42,900, with the Roadster another $3,000 skyward. By the time Audi adds the premiums for the S and RS, the car will be playing around in Boxster/Cayman territory. We just hope the driving experience proves that's where the car belongs.

[Source: Motor Authority]

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