Punto with a backpack - 2009 Fiat Fiorino

Fiat's new car-derived utility truck, the Fiorino Mk IV, has been revealed in all its Chiclet-colored glory. These small car-based working vehicles are just right for businesses that don't need the heft of the ubiquitous pickup-based cargo van here in the states, or larger Continental vehicles like the Sprinter. Horsepower will be around 75 whether buyers choose the 1.4 liter gasoline or 1.3 liter turbodiesel, plenty to haul all those tiny die-cast Eiffel towers down from port to the Champs Élysées. Continuing on the French tip, it's worth noting that the Fiorino was co-developed with PSA, which means there's also Peugeot and Citroen variants of the little van. If you don't want people to laugh at you when you tell them what you drive, you'd be best to stick with the new Fiat, though. The Citroen is named Nemo, ever so cute. Peugeot picked a moniker that sounds possibly lewd: Bipper. Call it whatever, the Fiorino blends utility, more style than you'd expect in a commercial vehicle, and a comfortable interior with carlike dynamics. Coming soon on the heels of the Fiorino will be the announcement of the "Adventure" package, which will outfit the small wagon for duty on less-improved roads in rural areas. The closest thing we've got to this in the States is the HHR Panel, cool in its own right, but alas, no feisty Italian.

[Source: Jalopnik]

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