If I said my car was turbocharged, with electronic fuel injection and it had a giant, cold air, intake scoop on the hood, you might not think it was green, but you should. Technologies like turbo mean greater power but they also mean better fuel economy and car makers are turning to them to make greener cars. The LA Times writes that automakers are turning to turbochargers as a way to increase fuel economy up to 30 percent. Americans are not exactly used to the idea that turbo = green, but that may change.

The Detroit News writes Ford is looking into turbo charging and direct fuel injection to improve the fuel economy of their cars. As described in the video above, turbo is sending the exhaust with a fan into the combustion chamber to reduce the amount of unburned fuel. Fuel injection hopes to reduce the amount of unburned fuel by improving the mix of air and fuel. For better intake of air (cold air is better because it's denser), air intake systems or large scoops on the hood are sometimes used. So don't be surprised if the most efficient car in a few years looks like something out of the 70's Max Mad movie.

[Source: LA Times, Detroit News, YouTube]

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