Where the US Farm Bill stands as Americans get ready to celebrate harvest fest/Thanksgiving

Responding to a question from a reader in Pennsylvania, Jetta Wong has written an update on the 2007 Farm Bill over at Renewable Energy Access. This bill, as we've written before, has a lot to do with topics AutoblogGreen readers care about because it affects how biofuels might be grown in America in the coming years. As Americans get ready to celebrate Thanksgiving, it's a good time to take a look at the bill that defines so much for the farmers and agribusinesses in this country.

The Farm Bill is a pentannual (I think that's a word) piece of legislation that deals with pretty much everything related to growing crops: pest control, subsidies, ethanol, food stamps, etc. The current status is that the bill is basically dead because the U.S. Senate voted to cut off debate on the Farm Bill five days ago. Wong's article gives a good recap of how we got to where are today, and says that with the current bill dead, it's looking like there might be a one-year or maybe two-year extension added to the current bill to give lawmakers more time to hem and haw.

The U.S. government's website about the bill is here. The Wikipedia hive mind version is here.

[Source: REA]

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