Spy Shots: Production Hyundai Genesis Sedan

What do you get when you cross a Lexus LS460 and and a BMW 5-Series (plus a healthy dollop of Toyota Crown -Ed.)? You get what appears to be the production Hyundai Genesis sedan. The front end looks as though it was ripped right off of the most expensive Lexus, with a strikingly similar set of headlights, a spot-on grille, and similar brightwork. Only the lower fascia wanders from the LS460. Out back, it appears that Hyundai took a pass on the classic Lexus C-pillar, but the Korean automaker's designers were obviously fond of the BMW 5-Series.

The big difference between the Genesis sedan and the vehicles it borrows from is that Hyundai likely has no intention of charging $60,000 for its RWD 4-door. While we're generally not a big fan of derivative styling, the Genesis looks pretty good for a RWD V8 sedan priced in the $30,000 range.

Thanks for the tip, Jose!

[Source: bobaedream]

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