Lexus LS Hybrid delayed

It is only a 30-day delay -- for now -- but the Lexus LS 600h L launch has been pushed back. Meant to launch in June, the new date is late July or early August. A Lexus spokesman said the company was "firming up the scheduling," but the people in Japan behind the reschedule didn't give a reason for the development.

There are a great many folks waiting to see how this car does and a 30-day delay is not a huge deal -- at this point it's safe to think that this could be nothing more than extreme attention to detail. Only expecting to sell 2,000 of the cars annually, Lexus has already taken orders for 1,650 of them. That represents the kind of following that you don't want to abuse. Being Lexus's first foray into six-figure territory, the most technologically advanced car it has ever made, and the flagship product from the newly minted number one car company in the world, Lexus will want to be sure it does this right. The limited edition Neiman Marcus version is expected to arrive around the same time. Stay tuned.

[Source: Automotive News (sub req'd)]

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