Motley Fool sez AltairNano stock "missed the mark"

The popular Motley Fool investment site today published a list of "3 Stocks That Missed the Mark." One of those is the common AutoblogGreen presence Altair Nanotechnologies. Now, AutoblogGreen doesn't get into investment tips or anything like that, but the Fool is not the only one to dampen the good news that Altair puts out. Part of the problem, writes Anders Bylund of the Fool, is that, "One key customer reportedly delayed a $3.2 million order for Altair battery packs while waiting for the federal standards wheels to grind out a battery interface specification." It's no secret that Phoenix Motorcars is a Altair customer, and is keeping the company's nanotech batteries for the Phoenix SUT, but in smaller versions than previously announced.
Bylund also says that "Altair keeps burning cash at an alarming rate" and that investors looking to fund nanotech companies might want to look elsewhere.

[Source: Motley Fool / Anders Bylund]

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