Phoenix SUT to get smaller battery pack, new motors, no supplier named

We heard yesterday that Phoenix MotorCars had canceled their order for motors from UQM Technologies. Now Phoenix has issued their own press release revealing that they are adopting new motor technology. The new motors are apparently lighter and more compact than the UQM units although Phoenix is not saying where they are coming from. The motors now have a peak power output of 200 kW and should be less expensive to manufacture. Phoenix is sticking with the Altairnano battery although the pack size has been made smaller and lighter as well.

Interestingly the press release only quotes a range of over 100 miles as opposed to the 130 miles previously claimed. All of this points to the likelihood that Phoenix, like Tesla before them, has struggled to meet their cost and range targets with the original design. So they are probably now scrambling to cut weight and manufacturing cost. ABG will continue to try and get a more definitive response from Phoenix.

[Source: Phoenix Motor Cars, thanks to Domenick and Jacob for the tip]

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