Alt Car Expo: EV racing in a kit car

Michael Kadie of SSI Racing is taking the kit-car approach to building his electric vehicle. A Factory 5 Type 65 coupe, which resembles a Shelby Daytona, is the foundation. Instead of stuffing a hopped-up Ford small-block under the 1-piece nose section he has a TransWarp 11-inch electric motor mounted in transmission tunnel. Plans call for about 1,000 lithium ion cells from A123 Systems as a power source. Regular automotive batteries were used for the show and parade this weekend at the Alt Car Expo because the Li-ion charger wasn't available. Kadie has aspirations to race his car in the NEDRA competiton with goals of running in the 12s at more than 100 mph. With an airbag suspension, it's set up for street cruising while not racing.

In another project, Kadie wants to build a Baja Bug for off-road racing. Kadie suggests that a freshly charged battery back could be swapped in at each pit stop during a desert race. He's in negotiations with the sanctioning body now to open up the rules for the EV's entry.

More photos after the break.

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