Update on SSI-Racing's electric Cobra, an electric Cobra Daytona Coupe!

Yesterday, we showed you the Devantini ES, which appears to be a Cobra kitcar converted to electric operation. While the roadster version of Shelby's classic '60's racer is the most recognizable Cobra, it was the Daytona Coupe which allowed them to run with Ferrari on many of the fastest tracks back in the day. Although undeniably attractive, the Cobra roadster was extremely unaerodynamic (like an old Volvo), which slowed down the progress of the vehicle immensely once the speeds got into the triple-digits. So, using the same chassis and running gear to make it legal, a new body was hand-pounded out of aluminum by the Shelby crew and the Daytona Coupe was born.

So, if an electric Cobra roadster is cool, which it most definitely is, then a Daytona Coupe is just that much cooler. Take a good look at SSI-Racing's site and you'll find a NetGain electric motor underhood. Since our last story, the batteries were replaced from lead-acids that actually appear to come from DeWalt cordless electric drills. Are these NiCad batteries? Must have gotten a good deal on them or something, huh? A Zilla motor controller is used to connect the batteries to the motor and provide the necessary calculations so that the car can be driven. Lookin' good so far, and we hope to keep you updated on the progress.


[Source: SSI-Racing]

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