Thanks to Lascelles for finding this wonderful video showing the most daring concepts from Toyota and Lexus during the Tokyo Motor Show. Although in German, we can glimpse quite a number of interesting concepts such as the Hi-CT, the Rin, the i- Real (which promises unlimited mobility, according to the engineer) and production ready models such as the Crown Hybrid, which owns a lot to the Lexus LS600h.

Just before the Lexus come up, a German engineer from Toyota speaks about the 1/X, weighing just 926 lbs., the car is literally a third of the weight of Toyota's current green car standard, the Prius. Featuring a 500cc engine plus a hybrid electric motor with plug-in capability, this car could deliver 2 l/100 km (that converts to an amazing 117 mpg).

Then the video shows two Lexus cars with hybrid powertrains: the ISF (arriving in Europe in 2008) and LF-XH.

[Source: YouTube]

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