Fiat boss behind wheel of latest Ferrari to bite the dust

One would think that with all the attention surrounding accidents with supercars there would be greater care on public roads. Well, fast cars are fun, and fun cars tend to make you forget both local laws, and the more fundamental laws of physics. Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne knows this as well as anyone after he crashed his 599 GTB on Friday in Switzerland. Marchionne rear-ended a Renault while going about 60 MPH, which means the collision had little to do with the typical loss of control, and a lapse of attention was more likely the culprit. A few different Italian newspapers mentioned that the Renault "suddenly slowed", but the last time we checked, a Ferrari can stop a lot faster than any Renault.

Luckily nobody was hurt in the accident, but after a tango with a French car and a Swiss guard rail, the 599 GTB looks like little more than a $275,000 parts donor. It's really amazing that the 76 year-old driver of the Renault didn't end up with a bad back or whiplash, as it isn't every day that a Ferrari driven by a top auto exec comes flying into one's behind. It sounds a lot like winning the lottery, but without the risk of putting up $1 for the ticket.

[Source: via, photo by PIERRE VERDY/AFP/Getty]

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