Rumormill run Amok: Ferrari F599 FS Fuoristrada sport-ute

There are some rumors circulating the web that could very well be true, and some you just hope are true. This, however, doesn't fall into either category. The speculation is over a possible Ferrari sport-utility vehicle, and we're not buying.

Our friends at World Car Fans, with which we'll part company on this, call it the Ferrari F599 FS 599 Fuoristrada, and project an unveiling at the 2010 Geneva show. They've even gone so far as to predict its weight (2.2 tons dry), engine (a variation on the 599 GTB's, itself derived from the Enzo) and output (over 600 HP), wheel and tire sizes (22" and 315), four-wheel-drive system (2/3 rearward bias), performance (0-60 in under five, top end around 180mph) and price (over €250k). Those are pretty specific forecasts, but WCF says they have it on good authority.

Never mind that an array of Ferrari execs have repeatedly refuted any such speculation - they've also been saying that about the "Dino" and we've just stopped listening by now - but it would make little sense for the racing-team-turned-sportscar-maker that, a couple of one-offs notwithstanding, has never made anything with more than two doors, let alone five. Sure, Lamborghini made a truck once, but then again that company started out building tractors. And never mind that Porsche has the Cayenne... numbers aside, Ferrari's not about to sell out its customer base with an SUV. (That's what excessive merchandizing is for.) For a company like Ferrari that trades on its heritage and Formula One dominance, a sport-ute would have no connection to either.

[Source: World Car Fans]

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