Chrysler model revamp includes a shift toward higher efficiency

A couple of days ago it was reported that Chrysler would likely drop as many five models from their lineup in the not too distant future. The plan includes dumping slow-selling models like the Jeep Commander and Chrysler Pacifica. The company also wants to shift their whole lineup towards higher fuel efficiency. For far too long, Chrysler has had a major dependency on thirsty vehicles like the Ram pickups, Dodge and Jeep Suva and, of course, the minivans which have grown substantially larger and gotten a lot more powerful in the two decades since their inception. While the first generation Caravan only had four cylinder engines, the current models have big V-6s. The powertrains of future Chryslers will feature diesels, smaller direct injected gas engines, hybrids, and dual clutch gearboxes. Smaller cars like the Hornet will also join the lineup.

[Source: Detroit News]

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