GeigerCars muscles up with HUMMER H3 GT

Germany's GeigerCars has an affinity for American metal, and is unafraid to go to wacky extremes in its efforts to create its customized whips. Often, HUMMER provides the canvas for these tuners with dubs on their brains, and the arrival of the V8-powered H3 Alpha has inspired them to whip up a new ground pounder. The result is the HUMMER H3 GT you see here. An engine software tune, new intake, and sport exhaust (note the dual outlets in back) boost the Alpha's numbers to 335 horsepower and 323 lb-ft of torque. The rig is also dropped, given uprated brakes and a set of 23" rims. The windows get the blackout treatment, as do the taillamps and markers in front. Finally, the bodywork is given a monochrome finish accented with a racing stripe in whatever color the owner chooses. On the green tip, GeigerCars can also rig the H3 to run on natural gas, reducing emissions up to 20%. It's all laid out in the press release after the jump. You see? The Germans know how to roll with mad flavor, too.


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Massive horse power on the road: upgrades the Hummer H3 to an even more powerful machine

While some are still raving about the most powerful Hummer H3 yet to be designed, others are already a step ahead. The tuning experts at have taken the new Hummer H3 Alpha with its 5.3 liter 300 bhp V8 Vortec engine a step further: it has been modified to create improved performance, more driving power, more speed and not to mention its exclusive styling – it is an impressive package both on and off road.

The Hummer H3 GT Alpha achieves its additional power by means of a Geiger Tuning Kit, which raises the engine's maximum performance to 335 bhp. The engine produces a peak torque of 323 lb-ft, which allows the 2.3 ton Hummer to effortlessly reach a top speed of 124 mph. has employed three specific components to produce this performance upgrade: software for the engine and transmission, a sport air filter, and a complete stainless steel high performance exhaust system. The distinctive sound emitted from its impressive tailpipes is synonymous with focused power and appeals to even the sportiest of drivers.

Competent off-road, Confident on the road

The H3 Alpha's four wheel drive makes the vehicle ideal for heavier off-roading, and at the same time allows the H3 to feel at home on the road. has modified the H3 with a sport suspension, which lowers the ride height of the SUV to make it suitable for the road and provides a stable and smooth ride when taking fast corners. The Hummer H3 Alpha is easy and safe to drive both on road and off. also outfit the vehicle with a high performance brake system providing an additional safety measure- you can be sure that the 2.3 ton H3 Alpha can be steered confidently in every situation.

An extravagant appearance

The H3 GT Alpha's power and strength is highlighted by its exclusive GT design. Its look is customized, turning the standard Hummer SUV into a truly unique specimen. With racing stripes in any available color, body kits in the car's chosen color, and black tinted windows- the H3 GT Alpha exemplifies both an extravagant and sporty character. Most impressive is the SUV's outer appearance boasting 23 inch alloy wheels and 305/35-23 size tires. Alternatively, the vehicle can be equipped with 24 inch wheels and 305/35-24 size tires.

A cinematic atmosphere in the rear
The interior of the H3 GT Alpha is pure luxury with Carbondesign applications and comfortable leather seats. A multimedia system, including both a navigation and sound system ensures a relaxing ride. The cinematic atmosphere provides passengers pure travel enjoyment. Each headrest has an integrated display screen with a personal DVD player.

Improved fuel efficiency using natural gas
For those who are concerned about fuel efficiency and emissions there is the option of converting to the more economical natural gas solution. The H3 Alpha and all other US cars from can be equipped with an environmentally friendly natural gas system. Once installed, total carbon dioxide emissions can be reduced by up to 20% and soot particle emission can be reduced entirely. This not only protects the environment but also your pocketbook: 40 Euro and the tank is full! The 75 liter tank has been installed in the rear undercarriage in such a space saving manner that the entire floor space remains unaltered. The Hummer H3 Alpha also reaches its complete performance power when tanking natural gas. is an official HUMMER dealer and the leading European car tuning company for American cars. With the installation of environmentally friendly natural gas systems is making a substantial contribution towards a cleaner environment.

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