Tuner Tuesdays: "Gulf-wing" HUMMER GT by GeigerCars

Obscene, you have a new ride: the HUMMER GT. German tuning house GeigerCars.de GmbH has managed to take the most outlandish and vulgar vehicle on the market and make it even more so with a host of visual and performance enhancements that altogether manage to scream "look at me" louder than a sorority girl at Mardis Gras.

First the good stuff: GeigerCars has upgraded the 6.0L V8 with a supercharger, added a new ECU and piped in a new stainless steel exhaust system, bringing the magic numbers up to 556 horsepower and 564 lb-ft of torque.

GeigerCars also upgraded the suspension, dropping the ride height by 100 millimeters and adding new anti-roll bars. The most obvious addition, though, are the rims. Forget about dinner plates, this sick puppy rides on freakin' flying saucers: giant chrome 30-inch rims, 10 inches wide at all four corners. The mammoth wheels are shod with 315/30R 30 Pirelli Scorpion Zero tires. The wheel and tire package alone costs €28,000, but GeigerCars also offers packages with 20, 22, 24, 26 and 28-inch rims. (Remember when 18 inches were considered big?) Bringing all that heft to a stop, GeigerCars have outfitted the HUMMER GT with a €10,000 brake system with 15-inch cross-drilled discs with 8-pot calipers up front.

Inside the cabin, GeigerCars outfitted the truck with faux carbon trim and a full multimedia sytem with sat-nav, DVD player and television receiver showing on twin LCDs. Finally, outside, the HUMMER GT was painted in the baby blue and orange livery of the classic Porsche 917 of McQueen LeMans fame, complete with Gulf logos above the rear fender. The party piece, though (as if the blingtastic sport-ute needed more), are the front doors that can be opened normally or upwards, scissor-style.

With all the do-dads and bolt-ons listed here, the HUMMER GT sells for a jaw-dropping €133,900, and will propel itself to sixty in 7.9 second flat. This HUMMER really is "like nothing else", and if all that flash won't get you noticed, nothing will.

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[Source: Babez.de]

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