You may have noticed that Autoblog has added a new writer to their staff. John McElroy is the host of Autoline Detroit which you may have seen on television. In his latest posting, McElroy, speaking of CAFE standards says, "This whole debate has focused on how many miles per gallon our cars get. That's the wrong approach. It does not solve the problem. All CAFE does is kill us slower. What we really need to focus on is getting the kind of fuels that will really solve the problem, not trying to force the auto industry to come out with cars that burn this poison more efficiently."

This is not the first time that this argument has come up, and it probably won't be the last. While our readership on AutoblogGreen might appreciate the cleaner and more fuel efficient cars that CAFE standards may force, what does the average automotive enthusiast think? Read through some of the comments on McElroy's post, and you might be surprised by what some are saying.

In conclusion, CAFE standards are not the best way to reduce our consumption of oil. They do, however, serve the purpose of raising the fuel mileage of our fleet of cars. So, until real game-changing technology is implemented, the consumer might just be forced to work with what we have, and the automotive manufacturers might be forced to work with the laws that they are given.

[Source: John McElroy \ Autoblog]

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