Fuel-Cell E-Flex could get badged as a Cadillac, maybe

While we already discussed Todd Lassa's conjecture last week that the Chevy Volt could get badged as a Cadillac due to the lack of branding associated with it on the plant assignment list in the recent UAW contract. General Motors has made clear from the start that the initial production vehicle based on the E-Flex platform would be branded as a Chevrolet because they want this to be mass market-technology that is affordable to broad range of customers. GM has also told us that they are currently doing production engineering on both the gas engine and fuel cell variants of E-Flex. Automotive News is now reporting that it could be the fuel cell version of E-Flex that gets the Cadillac branding initially. While this possibility certainly seems more plausible given the current higher cost of the fuel cell system, GM spokesman Rob Peterson told ABG that it's pure speculation at this point. Given that E-Flex is a global platform it will undoubtedly appear under a number of body styles with various names. GM also recently assigned Volt exterior design leader Bob Boniface to head up a studio focused on developing E-Flex based vehicles.

[Source: Automotive News, General Motors]

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