eBay Find of the Day: Topless Taurus makes us Neff swoon

Having healthy fascination with the SHO is one thing; that car was kick-ass, so the lust is understandable. This, on the otherhand, is just... wrong. Not even the novelty of a Taurus convertible can redeem this car from being anything more than a wrong-headed bucket of, um, fertilizer. Sawz-All roof treatment aside, there's still the paintwork to contend with. There's obviously a lot of time put into the design, but the color choice and odd striping work look more like someone did donuts in a bunch of spilled pigment than any kind of concerted effort to make the car look good. Then again, if you're chopping the roof off a first-gen Taurus (already made of wet spaghetti), affixing a big, stupid wing to the back and frenching the antennas (let's repeat that, dual frenched antennas. WTF? It's an '88 Taurus, not a '58 Skyliner), you're not much concerned with the way the end result actually looks. We're tempted to buy it just to burn it to the ground, it's only $3500, though apparently an appraiser saw $15,000 worth of value here. We beg to differ, though it'd be a sweet ride for next year's LeMons effort, which would also ultimately assure its destruction.

Thanks for the tip, Sean!

[Source: eBay]

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