Wrenching LeMons: Late nights and flying sparks

As our October 20th deadline for destruction grows near, we've been making some significant progress on Project LeMons. After the interior was stripped and the hatch removed, Casey and Brad got to fabricating the roll cage out of pilfered pieces lying around the shop. We've got a full hoop mated to a couple of 50ish-degree pipes that tie into the custom rear strut tower brace. Last night, the harness bar was welded in place, along with the plate to mount the door bar to the floor, and although there is a seat sitting in the appropriate place, it's not mounted to anything yet.

Next up: we've got to weld the door bar in (and possibly add another one above it), get the seat positioned and secured, replace the brakes and water pump, and try to find a driveshaft. The good news: while yours truly was running ragged around Frank-town last week, the Modacar crew hooked up a battery and turned the beast over, and according to Brad, "it runs like a champ!" Can we get a "hooraa!"

Oh, and we cut a few holes into the hood to allow some airflow and plan on ditching the front and rear bumpers, and fitting some custom tubing in their place.

Our friend from Shutterflick snapped off some photos for your perusal; you can check them out below.

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