Tokyo Preview: Mazda Premacy Hydrogen RE Hybrid

Mazda has been leasing a version of their RX8 in Japan with a hydrogen fueled rotary engine since '06. At this year's Tokyo Motor Show, Mazda will be showing a new version of their Hydrogen-RE Hybrid model, and instead of being housed in the RX8 shell, it will be featured in the Premacy. The rotary engine is capable of running for 124 miles, doubling the range of their last model, and charges a lithium ion battery pack the electric motor. Regenerative braking is also featured on this model. In case you were wondering, no - you cannot lease one in the U.S., only Japan. At $3,500 a month, we doubt that Mazda is planning on leasing very many of them anyway.

It's worth noting that hydrogen, although cleaner burning than gasoline, carries much less energy than petroleum fuels. That's why the range, though improved, is still far less then that of the gasoline rotary-powered vehicle.


[Source: MSNBC]

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