Lexus LS 600h now on sale in the UK

Just in case you have $155,000+ burning a hole in your pocket, the Lexus LS 600h is now on sale in the UK. Forgive me, I meant £81,400. It looks so much less expensive in five digits.

We've talked before how expensive the LS 600h is, so no need to repeat just how expensive the LS 600h is, right? A while back, Nihon Car spent a week with the car, and liked it. The LS 600h's full-time, all-wheel drive full hybrid V8 powertrain offers 30.4mpg (Imperial) and 219g/km of CO2.

So, how many people have that kind of cash ready for a vehicle? According to Toyota's press release, Lexus GB had 230 orders as of yesterday. If you go order one today, you won't get it until spring.

[Source: Toyota]

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