Spending a week with the world's most expensive hybrid, the Lexus LS600h

Sure, it costs a pretty penny, but how does the Lexus LS 600h ride? That's the question that Nihon Car recently had the chance to answer, when they spent a week with the world's most expensive production hybrid car. Nihon Car is not focused on the greener side of things, and their mission was to figure out "how is it to drive such a gigantic machine on a daily basis?"

The short answer, they say, is that this is a gentle beast to drive. It's smooth and powerful, and while not the greenest thing on the planet it certainly is better than competitors in its class. It's also a very safe ride and all of the technology packed onto the four wheels means you're better off just trusting the car as you move comfortably from here to there.

For the long answer, read the whole thing.

[Source: Nihon Car]

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