The Lexus LS 600h is already the most expensive production hybrid vehicle ever with the recently announced US price of $104,000. But when the new hybrid LS hits the UK this fall it will be starting at £81,400 or $164,000 at the current exchange rate. The flagship Lexus mates a 5.0L V-8 with the latest version of Toyota's hybrid system and all-wheel drive to give performance meant to approach that of the German V-12 sedans from Mercedes and BMW. However, the LS is rated at 20/22mpg city/hwy as compared to 11/17mpg for a Mercedes S600.

[Source: Lexus GB] The LS 600h, the new hybrid power flagship of the Lexus brand, will cost from £81,400 when the model goes on sale in the UK on 1 October. Equipped with a more advanced powertrain and more sophisticated array of preventive, active and passive features than any car in its class, the LS 600h will set new standards in luxury motoring. A superb specification will ensure owners enjoy supreme comfort, convenience and on-board entertainment.

The LS 600h features the world's first full-time, all-wheel drive full hybrid V8 powertrain, combining a technically peerless 5.0-litre engine
with a powerful, high-output motor. The result is performance that rivals a standard V12 petrol engine (nought to 62mph in 6.3 seconds) with fuel consumption and emissions that are on a par with the segment's best performing – and substantially lower powered – diesels (30.4mpg and 219g/km in combined cycle driving). Thanks to the Lexus Hybrid Drive system's compact but powerful electric motor, maximum torque is delivered from zero rpm, giving the car exceptional performance off the line.

Two versions will be available in the UK: the LS 600h and LS 600h L long wheelbase model. Both benefit from an exceptional specification that includes pre-crash safety systems that can detect collision hazards both on the road ahead and from the rear, permanent four-wheel drive, Adaptive Variable Suspension and the world's first application of LED technology for low beam headlight illumination. Advanced technologies are dovetailed with the skills of master craftsmen to achieve a high luxury finish in the paintwork, fine leather upholstery, hand-trimmed dashboard and real wood cabin trim features.

The in-car entertainment package includes a 19-speaker Mark Levinson premium hi-fi with six-disc DVD autochanger and a nine-inch ceiling-mounted screen for rear seat passengers.

The LS 600h L can be additionally specified with a Rear Seat Relaxation Pack that provides even higher levels of comfort. The left hand rear seat gains an extending ottoman leg and thigh rest, seat cushion airbag and variable massage function. An independent DVD system, centre console with extending wood-inlaid tray are also part of the pack, together with a more advanced climate control system that uses body temperature sensors to determine optimum performance.

Lexus LS 600h prices
LS 600h
LS 600h L
LS 600h L with Rear Seat Relaxation Package

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