Eco-option for hauling your cargo with the new Fiat Fiorino

While pick-up trucks are the vehicle of choice for most US workers, Europeans tend to rely more on small panel vans for duties such as small delivery of equipment for small businesses. Many years ago, panel vans evolved from panel hatchbacks which then got added a box-ish back to accomodate an euro-size pallet. Nevertheless, for the last few years, automakers have joined forces to create vans sold under their different marques, in a serious case of badge engineering. These newer models do not depart from an existing model but are designed from scratch.

Like they have already done with larger vans and minivans, PSA and Fiat have created a new model in the small-medium van segment. WIthin Fiat, the model is called Fiorino, a name formerly used for the cube-box-attachment based on the Fiat Uno the marque had in the 80s. Fiat will still be making the Doblò (which is slightly bigger).

The model will be built in Tofas-Fiat, a factory in Turkey. While the van is only 3.86 meters long (less than 13 feet) you can haul 2.5 cubic meters of load (2.8 if you remove the copilot seat, that's about 88-90 cubic feet). Besides the cargo versions, these vans can be ordered in combi fashion, which adds glass and a backseat for mixed use.

Fiat has announced that the new Fiorino will have all sort of engines, including a "greener version" capable of 4.5 l/100 km (that's 52 mpg) and with CO2 emissions of 119 g/km. Not bad!

[Source: Autoblog en español]

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