One of the things that are most remarkable around Europe is the presence of "Panel vehicles." Image your regular small hatchback but without glasses from the B-pillar backwards and no backseat. You can put quite a lot of stuff in one of these, although your payload won't never reach a regular van. So here's when the "van" models of your regular hatchback comes in, sometimes at 50+ mpg.

Such is the case of the Fiesta Van. With more than 1000 liters of space available behind the front seats, you can carry about 500 kg and still be able to park (almost) anywhere. Of course, if you have to carry bulky stuff, remember that this vehicle might not be suitable for you (but I've seen unbelievable stuff being carried in a car like this). Of course, this can only be had in Europe.

There are two engine options:
  • A 1.3 liter gas engine good for 70 HP and 106 Nm (128 lb lb) of torque, but also good 6.1 l / 100km (39 mpg) and 144 g CO2/km (if you wondered, 0-60 is made in 17.3 seconds).
  • A 1.4 liter diesel engine with 68 HP and 160 Nm (217 lb ft) of torque. It makes 4.5 l / 100 (52 mpg) and 119 g of CO2 per km (0-60 in 15.5 s).
It's also quite an inexpensive option. These vehicles, since they're built for professional use, can be bought without Sales Tax (well, it gets refunded) so you can have one of this from 9,300 EUR (gas) or 10,300 EUR (diesel).

The picture above shows the SportVan concept, which adds more spice to the model.

[Source: Ford]

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