Saab may be working on a compact hybrid 9-1

The world has known about a possible compact-sized Saab since early September. Since then, there has been talk of the compact car getting a hybrid drivetrain. No official word is out yet on the matter, but Swedish publication NyTeknik is reporting that the compact will go on sale after 2010 and will be available with a hybrid drivetrain from day one. If the article is correct, the new Saab will be the 9-1 and will use the same platform as the Opel and Saturn Astra. That's the Delta platform, which is the same platform which is expected to underpin the Chevy Volt.

While we've already reported that the Volt -- if it is indeed produced -- will be made in Detroit, but maybe other Delta hybrid models will be built elsewhere, like in Saab's plant in Trollhättan, Sweden. In fact, Saab would like to built all of the hybrid models based on the Delta platform at their plant. Other interesting tidbits from the article are that the Saab team of engineers want the platform to support gasoline, E85 and diesel engines. They also have developed a second motor to power the rear axle (maybe like what they've already shown here), potentially offering all-wheel-drive. Take a look over at Trollhättan Saab to read a translated version of the article. Could we see a turbocharged, Biopower ethanol capable, all-wheel-drive Saab 9-1 hybrid in America? We'll just have to sit back and wait. Feel free to speculate away in the meantime!

[Source: Trollhättan Saab]

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