BREAKING: GM loves Detroit, will build Chevy Volt in the Motor City

Now, this is good news. Coming out of this week's UAW strike at GM, the papers are full of stories figuring out the details of what each side got. The short, short version is that GM got to pawn its health care obligations onto the union, and the union got GM to promise to try and keep jobs in the U.S. Well, guess what? GM's list of commitments for future models at domestic plants is out, and the Chevy Volt is nestled in there. It's destined for Hamtramck/Detroit. Specifically, courtesy of Automotive News (subs req'd), we have this (see also Crain's Detroit):

Detroit/Hamtramck, Mich. - Buick Lucerne and Cadillac DTS continue until 2010, Global Delta MPV7 beginning in 2009, Global Delta Volt beginning in 2010, Global Epsilon Chevrolet beginning in 2012.

So, starting in 2010, GM will build the Volt right in its hometown. At least, that's the story as of today. Bad news for Lordstown, good news for pretty much everyone else.

UPDATE: of course, we should mention that the contract still needs to be approved by the UAW.
[Source: Automotive News]

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